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Preventing Gambling Addiction

When people hear the words gambling addiction, they immediately conjure up pictures in their heads of people who have lost all control over their gambling habits that they have consequently lost everything precious and dear to them, including families and relationships.

While we may say that we will not fall prey to the trappings of a gambling addiction, we may never know for sure if we are strong enough to resist the temptations of gambling over and over again especially to win back what we've lost in previous games.

If you're considering visiting casinos for the sake of experiencing first hand what you've only heard about so far: the magnificence of the interiors, the happy-go-lucky people that you'll meet; excellent service and best of all, glittering night lights of gambling havens; it is best to go with people you trust.

It is important to have a support group ready just in case you start to be taken in by all the hype in casinos, especially the staggering cash prizes and other tempting incentives.

Before going on that casino trip, or even logging in to play in online casinos, it is best to have a plan of action. The most important consideration is your gambling money. Set aside a specific budget that you are willing to spend on your games.

Whether you lose it all in one game or you lose them over several games; it doesn't matter. What matters is that once you've used up your budget, don't dig into your pocket for spare change so you can play one more time.

If you do this once, you can very well do it again. Before you know it, you can be spending all of your vacation money and you'd end up sleeping on the streets until your flight back home.

Set a specific schedule for your games. For example, if this is part of your vacation itinerary, set aside days and hours for playing so you'll have plenty more time to do other things like sightseeing or souvenir shopping.

If you are gambling online, all the more that you should set aside a specific schedule so your gambling won't interfere with your daily schedule of perhaps going to school or work.

The hardest part is being disciplined enough to follow your own rules and not cut corners. If you feel that you are starting to think about gambling more often than normal, and you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night for one more game; talk to someone close about it.

Do not brush it off and say that it was just one time anyway; it will never happen again. Look at your life before you started gambling and honestly see what has changed.

If you find noticeable changes in your moods, your finances, your work ethics and basically feel a negative vibe all around; take a step back and re-assess. It's probably high time to seek help or stop gambling altogether.