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Stereotypical Gambler Goals

There is a stereotype of a successful gamble we often see on movies and televisions, which most gamblers fantasize to follow. They arrive in the casinos like they own the place as their expensive sports car parks just outside the casino doors. They exit their car escorted by the most beautiful women you can find on the face of the earth. They wear the most stylish suits and elegant shoes, as they'll hand over their car keys to the valet as if it were nothing important.

They gamble with champagne in one hand and a cigar in the other. They are surrounded with people who seem to be all rooting for them to win every bet, and they do. They bet thousands upon thousands of dollars every game and don't seem to mind it if they lose a couple of hundred.

But despite their gambling success, they appear as if they are gambling only for the fun and the thrill of it. They have an expression as if they're in control of the whole thing. This is the successful gambler typecast. And most of us want to be just like them.

Maybe the thought of becoming as successful as them is what fuels us to gamble in the first place. There is the money, the cars, the clothes, the girls, the services; who doesn't dream of such things? Plus, with the amount of luck that these guys have, they can quit their work and gamble full time.

Unfortunately, the reality of gambling is far from this. Of course, the casinos are giving you the opportunity to become somebody like this, although it is very unlikely. There are more gamblers who lose their money in the casinos rather win money. That's just how gambling goes.

If you don't manage your gambling activity then you might fall into a gamblers ruin. People like this place as collateral their cars, their partners leave them behind, they gamble their money that's supposed to be their food budget, they drink booze to numb the feeling of their losses and they are not drinking champagne. We don't mean to put more bad publicity on gambling than it already has but you can never be too careful.

Stereotypes about successful gamblers are very rare in real life. The only place they appear very frequent are in televisions and movies. Trying hard to become one of these successful gambler stereotypes can be so addicting that you won't notice how much money you are loosing every time you go into a casino. Don't push your luck. Just try to enjoy your gambling experience and don't stumble your way into gamblers ruin.